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  • Diane Duane

Why (and How) to Start Your Home Practice - An August Update!

Updated: Mar 17

Many of you know that my goal is to help you develop a sustainable daily yoga practice.  

The conclusion of this 2012 study explains the benefits of a home yoga practice

“Frequency of home practice appears to be very important—more important than how long an individual has been practicing or how many classes one takes. This emphasizes a simple fact: it is not enough simply to learn how to do healthy behaviors. Rather, healthy behaviors must be incorporated into one’s daily life. While these findings suggest that individuals will only glean benefits from yoga practice that are proportional to the energy they are willing to invest in making it a part of their lives, the findings also suggest that they do not have to practice for years in order to reap the rewards.”

If you’re looking to establish a home yoga practice, try these 3 tips to get going:

  • Keep it short, 20 minutes or less.

  • Focus on a few breaths with each movement or pose.

  • Notice how your body is responding to the motion.

That’s it! No need to overcomplicate it. Even the simplest yoga practices reap great rewards. 

If you already practice yoga and are looking to challenge yourself...

I have a little tidbit for you too:

This summer I’ve been practicing one pose that scares me a little. Almost every day for nearly 2 months I have focused on a backbend — full wheel (urdhva dhanurasana). By consistently focusing my practice on this one “peak pose,” I’ve gained more flexibility in my quadriceps, triceps, shoulders, and upper back. And, I’ve gained patience and confidence as well.  

You may want to lengthen your hamstrings or build strong bones or gain better balance. You may also feel scared of certain movements. Reach out! I’m here to help you create and navigate your home yoga practice.

A final note (on a big challenge: aging)

Aging presents us with new and often uncomfortable challenges. Here’s the thing – we can approach the process of aging as inevitable and beyond our control or we can continue to move daily with confidence that what we accomplish today will be possible tomorrow also. 

Richard Rohr put it this way:

We do not think our way into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.

I hope this inspires your home yoga practice today. Here’s a brief yoga video to get you started! (18 minutes for strength, flexibility, and balance! Can be done in a chair.)

See below for upcoming workshops. Come to one or schedule your own and you will take away tools to build your own home yoga practice!

Blessings to meet all your needs and Namaste, 


August 7 - Basic Back Care Workshop

Plum Tree Yoga (Roswell)


August 8 & 10 - Post-Workshop Check-In

Almost Home Yoga Studio

September 8 - Yoga for Bone Health

Grey Owl Studio (John’s Creek)


September 11 - Yoga for Bone Health

Plum Tree Yoga (Roswell)