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  • Diane Duane

TLC for Hips & Hamstrings

As Spring rolls into Summer, I’m still working on the hips.  

At the link below you’ll find a brief video that’s all about stretching the hips and hamstrings. In fact, in the yoga tradition, the hips can be a storage area for negative feelings—a place where unhealthy energy gets stuck and stored.

You can read more about hips and how important they are to both our physical and mental health here.

Gary Krafstow, in his classic book YOGA for Wellness (published in 1999) gives a pretty simple explanation of the basic energies that infuse our bodies and the material world around us:

  • Balanced

  • Excessive (anger/anxiety)

  • Deficient (depression)

Often we can gauge our own energy by how hip openers affect us.

If your hips and hamstrings are really tight, try releasing any self-judgement and just focusing on your breath.

If you are feeling low energy or isolated, see if you can fire up your effort in the challenging poses, like chair, warrior 3 and standing split.

However you are feeling today, this video is also great for balancing out the other workouts you do—running, biking, hiking, or gym work.

My purpose is to inspire you to be your best! So if you have some part of your wellbeing you’d like to work on, send me your thoughts and I’ll work on a yoga practice for that area. Just email diane@almosthomeyoga.com!



TLC for Hips & Hamstrings Video (22 mins)