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  • Diane Duane

The Autumn Practice of Preparing

"If I have 6 hours to chop down a tree I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe!" (Sometimes attributed to Abraham Lincoln or Albert Einstein)

The weather has finally cooled off here in Atlanta—our much-awaited new season is here! Earlier this month I wrote about the benefits of retreats and specifically how they can prepare us for change and increased stress to come, such as many of us experience during the November/December holiday season.

Both a retreat and the change of seasons are an opportunity to cultivate new wellness habits. But this takes preparation and daily attention to the journey. 

I know from my own experience that preparation—being well in mind, body and spirit can make all the difference when a crisis hits. 

Back in 2011 when I got hit by a truck (literally!), I had been meeting with a spiritual director for many months. I had put in the work for my spiritual health. When my body was in desperate need of healing, I relied heavily on my faith that God, not I alone, was capable of making me whole and well. (God used my faithful family and friends in the process, so don't forget to make time also to cultivate your relationships.)

Another way we can attain spiritual health is through daily yoga practice. A few minutes on the mat cultivates gratitude, acceptance, and devotion.

If you are looking to cultivate holistic wellness through a daily yoga practice remember these 3 tips:

  • Replace the unwanted behavior or thought patterns with 15-20 minutes on your mat.

  • Don't expect perfection—it's a journey and every day is different.

  • Trust that energy breeds energy. Just put in the effort without attaching to results.

As we settle into cooler weather, I'm going to work on keeping my joints loose. Here's a video with that in mind. You may have something else you'd like to make your focus for a while. Contact me for help designing a home practice.

Remember—life is a journey and we are always AlmostHome!



"...pray, prepare, proceed."  —Judith Jamison