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  • Diane Duane

Quotes for Your Father (+ Tips for Upper Body Relaxation!)

I've been thinking about three things this week before Father’s Day.

1. First, as many of you know I am a big fan of contemporary theologian, Richard Rohr. If you’re not familiar with him I’ll just say that he has a wonderfully expansive understanding of God rooted in traditional theology and really relevant for our times. This week, ironically, he’s not talking about fatherhood in his daily devotionals. Rather, he’s focusing on Jesus’ s mother, Mary. If you’re curious check him out.

He also has a lot to say about fathering and has written about this too.

2. I am very fortunate to have both a wonderful father and mother who nurtured and challenged me (and continue to) in healthy ways. As you think about your own father or other people in your life who have guided you and shown you love, it all comes down to this sentiment so beautifully articulated by writer, Michael Burke

"They moved us through their existence. Now their existence moves through us. Because they shared a life of love we now live with love to share.”

3. And if all this talk about love is making you tense, here’s the perfect yoga practice to relax your upper body…! Watch here.

All you good men and women do more yoga—and, as Richard Rohr says, “Go do small things with love and joy." Happy Father’s Day!

Blessings to meet all your needs and namaste,