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  • Diane Duane

February 4, 2019: Sistering

Bright Little Offerings Gathered

I recently finished Krista Tippett’s interview with Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach.

I don’t know how big the rock I live under actually is but I had no idea these two ‘iconic’ women are married! Here’s a few of my favorite take-aways….but you should listen to it yourself because I’m sure there are several more you will love that I missed.

  • Courage always contains rage: Phew – permission to be a little angry!

  • Nesting dolls: Our family has always loved these. We even constructed a live set made up of people we know who were ‘mini-me’s of each other. But the point is we build layers around ourselves as we “mature." When really we should do the opposite and peel them away until all that’s left us who we really are.

  • The girls/boys shampoo labels: A great riff about stupid yet significant stuff. Such paradox – I love it.

  • Sistering/Championing: There’s a yoga session coming out of this just for my girls!

  • Despair, Hope, and the government: To Mr. Shultz I say, “Good for you, buddy." And, I’m pround of you for asking your wife’s permission. Just remember…

  • Finally on the subject of Adam and Eve: Glennon says to the girl, "go for the apple and burn…." I suggest: Reach for the one beside you. And if it’s a good option for you both, go for it and burn together!