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Yoga Mats
  • Diane Duane

How We Spend Our Time, Tibetan Exercises, & More

[September 2019]

#1 Time-Sensitive Announcements

For those who want to build strength & flexibility, get better balance, and build strong bones, I have two opportunities in early September: 

Participants in these workshops will also have multiple opportunities to practice at my home studio in the coming months. (Sign up here). 

#2 On Using Our Time in General

I really love this article by Bryan Collins (shared by @BrandonSmith) about having an efficient and productive end-of-day routine...keep reading for what works for me and where I need help!!!

If you liked that article and are looking for more on leadership and workplace wellness follow Brandon at www.theworkplacetherapist.com. In the same vein, I also love what I've been reading by Steve Beck—check out his latest blog post on ‘the tension of time.’ 

#3 Other Thoughts...

What’s Working for Me...

  • When I took Bryan Collin's suggestion to reflect on what works for me, the answer is usually 'exercise early'! 

  • My friend, Frank, does these 5 Tibetan exercises every day! He is super fit, disciplined, and definitely inspiring! There are many Youtube videos teaching the 5 Tibetans, and you can find other explanations of the exercises and their benefits just by doing a simple internet search. Here is one video that demonstrates the movements well.

  • Here's another video that I created offering modifications, several using a chair. If you watch this version you will discover again where I need help! (Somehow, the top of my head got cut off. ugh.) I determined that sharing the modifications is more important than video production perfection, so hang in there—it's the info that’s most important. And if anyone wants to share home video tips, please do so :).

On Infrared Sauna Workouts...

Several people have recently asked for my thoughts on infrared sauna workouts. This is a new workout idea that’s getting a lot of attention. Sauna use is thousands of years old. It's definitely not a fad BUT vigorous workouts in a sauna is a recent phenomenon. I'm no expert but there does seem to be some benefits to infrared sauna. Like yoga research there is not a lot of extensive scientific proof, but if you're interested, read here

On Intermittent Fasting...

This article was shared with me by my good friend, Susan.  It explains the science behind intermittent fasting and it's fascinating! Just remember: You are your own best teacher—only try these things if you and your physician think they are right for you!

Final Thoughts...

It wasn’t that long ago that science told us breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Who can foresee what science will tell us 5 years from now?? We do know that our bodies are amazingly complex and much of how they function remains a mystery.  Here’s what I think: All this information and attention on our physical wellness is not to revere the body; rather, we care for our bodies out of reverence for creation, our place in it and our Creator.  

As always, let me know if I can help with your own yoga practice. Remember to get on your mat for a few minutes every day so that you can be your best for others!

Blessings to meet all your needs and namaste,