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Yoga Mats
  • Diane Duane

Om Alone: Start Your Home Yoga Practice

Updated: Mar 17

This page will help you get started with your own home yoga practice.

Just a few minutes of yoga each day will reap significant benefits. As a quick note: Remember that even if you’ve been doing yoga for a while it’s good to go to class occasionally and check in with an experienced teacher who can help with body alignment and safety.

Getting started:

Plan to spend 15 minutes doing poses (asana) and 5 to 15 minutes in reflective silence/meditation.

  • Begin by laying on your back on your mat or a towel.

  • Briefly scan your body starting at the crown of your head an moving downward toward you feet. Notice if any one part of your body is asking for attention. Take note.

  • Move into child’s pose and spend a few minutes focusing on your breath.  

  • Begin warming up your spine in all directions: cat/cow, side stretches, and gentle twists–inhaling and exhaling with your movements.

  • Then, find poses that attend to the place(s) in your body calling for movement. They don’t have to be ‘real’ yoga poses! Just move in a way your body is asking you to move.

  • If you still have some time, do a few sun salutation sequences and end in child’s pose or savasana (corpse pose).

  • Lastly, come to a seated position, crossed legs, or 1/2 or full lotus. Sit up on a block or blankets if your hips are tight. The goal is to have your knees level with or lower than your hips.

  • Set a timer, close you eyes, or choose one spot to gaze softly. Begin to count your inhales and exhales beginning at 50 and counting backward. If you loose track, go back to 50 and begin again. If you get to ‘0’ and have time remaining simply be still, listen for your own heart beating.


You've just started your very own home yoga practice.