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  • Diane Duane

Advent with AlmostHome!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

I’ve been thinking about the opportunity to cultivate our own home yoga practice alongside other spiritual disciplines—how that combination helps us care for our minds, bodies, and spirits as we navigate our complex world. 

That idea gave birth to an AlmostHome Advent series!

This series is an opportunity to rethink your relationship to Christmas. Maybe you’re deeply connected to a particular church. Maybe you’re wondering how the birth of the baby Jesus connects to your life at all. In either case, some time spent 'on your mat' with these ideas may transform (and challenge!) your holiday season...

Why do this?

  • Begin again! The word 'advent' actually means arrival or coming. The Christian calendar marks December 1st as the start of the new year. Get ahead by making space for something other than the busy commercialism of our culture's Christmas season.

  • Cultivate hope! Most everyone I talk to has concerns about the deep, dark divisions in our world. And yet, our experience with suffering of any kind is an opportunity to create unity rather than separation.

  • De-clutter! In order to make space for something new, we can try to let go of attachments and expectations that prevent us from experiencing true community.

Here’s how it works…

December 1st-January 5th, you’ll receive an email on Sunday. Inside the email is a yoga prompt based on the theme for that week (hope, faith, joy, peace, rest).

Each prompt takes 20-30 minutes. Read a few paragraphs, accompanied by a yoga video. (The goal is for you to have a daily practice of this length. But it’s okay if you do a prompt once a week!) Any time you spend caring for yourself will make you better for those around you.

Enjoy unlimited access to the videos and links.You will only receive the Advent series if you do one of the following:

  • Use this Venmo link to pay as you can. (Suggested donations are $25 for an individual and $40 if you plan to share as a gift with family and friends. Thank you for whatever amount you choose!) 

  • or Reply to this email. In the body of the message, please type your email and all other email addresses you would like to receive the series.

I hope you’ll join us in this journey through December to the start of 2020!

Namaste, and blessings to meet all your needs this season.