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  • Diane Duane

2020! A Home Practice Resolution

Happy New Year from AlmostHome Yoga!

Are you off to a slow start this year? Is time getting away from you? Is your gym crowded? Have you already stumbled with your resolution? Is the weather too miserable to get outside?

If you can answer yes to any of those questions, now is a great time to continue cultivating your own home yoga practice! This month, I have a two-part strategy for us to do just that.

Form a Home Practice Habit.

I read once that you must do something 21 times before it becomes a habit. Perhaps set a goal to get on your mat 21 days in a row, or 21 times before the end of the first quarter of 2020. 

Here’s a trick that comes from a podcast I listened to recently on how we form habits... Attach the behavior you want to cultivate to something you already do regularly (a habit you already have).

Try getting on your mat each morning right after you brush your teeth, before your first cup of coffee (or tea).  Do you love music? Try playing a favorite playlist and staying on the mat for 5 or 6 songs.  Do you eat dinner right when you get home every night? Try 10 minutes of yoga before you eat.

Need more motivation? Read this article by doctor Timothy McCall. He also wrote a book I really like called Yoga as Medicine, which names my favorite yoga benefit: (#35) Yoga helps you serve others! That’s my goal—to get you to do more yoga so that we can serve others well.

Record it!

Start a yoga practice record. Any notebook or a piece of paper will do! (I’ve attached a sample you can print.) 

Each time you practice yoga at home (10 minutes or more), write the date and two or three poses you practiced. (If you don’t know the yoga name for a movement, draw a stick figure picture!) Don’t forget that most important of poses—savasana, corpse pose. When you have completed 5 sessions, send me an email with a photo of your completed practice record, and I’ll create a free video in honor of your home practice! When you have completed 20 sessions, reach out and you’ll get 1 free session at the AlmostHome studio!

Meanwhile, remember that it’s also important to be in community together. Check out my Upcoming Events page and come join us for yoga!

Blessings to meet all your needs this year,