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Each of us has a story to tell, and mine could begin with, "Not all who wander are lost." 

Many twists and turns have brought me here:

I’ve been doing yoga for about 15 years, first to keep me injury free as I ran a couple of marathons and later on because it felt like such a great way to balance mind, body and spirit in this hectic pace we pursue. 

Several years ago I was literally hit by a truck and experienced all breath leaving my body. Four months of being mostly still healed my broken bones. I learned to appreciate a deep breath for the first time in ways that I hope have changed me for good.

The first time I tried to do yoga after the accident I joked with my sister, Debra (also a certified yoga teacher), that I would know I was healed when I could lay in savasana (corpse pose) without it hurting! That took about 8 months! In that time I learned the importance of stillness, breath and movement in proper balance. 

This is why I love and practice yoga, and why I am compelled to pass along this healing resource to others.

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Many of you know that my goal is to help you develop a sustainable daily yoga practice.  

The conclusion of this study explains the benefits of a home yoga practice: 

“Frequency of home practice appears to be very important—more important than how long an individual has been practicing or how many classes one takes. This emphasizes a simple fact: it is not enough simply to learn how to do healthy behaviors. Rather, healthy behaviors must be incorporated into one’s daily life.”

If you’re looking to establish a home yoga practice, try these 3 tips to get going:

  • Keep it short, 20 minutes or less.

  • Focus on a few breaths with each movement or pose.

  • Notice how your body is responding to the motion.

That’s it! No need to overcomplicate it. Even the simplest yoga practices reap great rewards. 


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